Book Pages

If you were linked to this page from your Pronoun author proof, please note that the link will be replaced with a link to your Book Page in your final files.

To help authors promote their books, we automatically create a professional landing page for each book published through Pronoun. Pronoun Book Pages feature information about your book, links to buy your book on retailers, and links to your social media.

Pronoun Book Pages become available as soon as you publish. The retailer links on your page update within a day (usually faster) of your book going live there.

Book Pages automatically update as you publish updates to your book.

We suggest using Pronoun Book Page links instead of retailer links in your book. When you publish, the Pronoun Book Page links in your distributed ebook files will go to the retailer your reader uses. If someone buys your book on iBooks, for example, the Pronoun Book Page link will go straight to the book on iBooks. Learn more.