Can I publish on Pronoun if my book is already published?


I have a published ebook

You can use Pronoun to publish your ebook on any retailers where it isn’t already live. For example, if your ebook is currently available on Amazon, iBooks, and Barnes & Noble, you can use Pronoun for Kobo and/or Google.

We can’t distribute your ebook to a retailer where you are already distributing. (Duplicate listings cause copyright issues.) For example, if you currently sell your ebook on Kobo, you would need to remove that version from sale before distributing that ebook to Kobo through Pronoun.


I have a published print book

If you’ve published a print book, you’re welcome to use Pronoun for the ebook edition. If you fill out the “Print ISBN” field on Pronoun, retailers like Amazon will link the two formats of your book.


What happens when ebooks are removed from sale and republished on Pronoun?

On Amazon, reviews generally automatically carry over to the Pronoun-published listing after a few days. (We recommend recording the former ASIN just in case.) Its Amazon rank will be reset, and its URL and ASIN will change. You may need to re-add your ebook to your Amazon Author Page once it’s live.

If you publish a print book as well, it’ll take a few days (or up to a week) for the two formats of your book to link up again. Just make sure you’ve filled out the “Print ISBN” field of your ebook’s details on Pronoun. If the two versions of your book haven’t been linked up again after a week, you can follow these instructions on Amazon.

On Barnes & Noble, your book’s reviews will automatically transfer to the new Pronoun-published listing. Its sales rank will be reset, and its URL will change.

On Kobo, your book’s sales rank will be reset and its URL will change. Kobo is currently working on supporting the transfer of reviews. To ensure that your reviews can be retroactively transferred to the Pronoun-published listing, please email before removing books from Kobo.

On Apple iBooks, reviews do not carry over. Your book’s sales rank will be reset and its URL will change.

On Google Play, reviews do not carry over and your book’s URL will change.