Category Suggestions Email

Reaching a Top 100 list is one of the best ways to get noticed on Amazon. These bestseller lists rank the top books in each Amazon category, and often, you can reach a Top 100 list by switching to a category that’s less competitive at any given time.

We use data on more than 6 million books in the marketplace to find categories similar to yours. When your book has a chance of placing highly in a relevant category, we automatically send you an email that includes:

  • Your book’s current sales rank
  • A list of suggested categories where your book could rank in the Top 100
  • For each suggested category, we also show you:
    • Your book’s possible rank in that category
    • The category’s highest ranked book
    • The total books in the category

Amazon rankings change throughout the day, so your book might not make a Top 100 list even if you change categories. However, we suggest keeping up with our recommendations to help you find categories your book can be most competitive in.


How do I update my book’s categories?

If your book is published with Pronoun, follow these steps to update your categories:

  1. Click Adjust my categories in the Category Suggestions Email
  2. Click “x” to remove a category
  3. Search for the suggested category and click to select it
  4. Click “Publish” to update your book’s categories

It’ll take a few days for retailers to recategorize your book. You can also try adding keywords relevant to your target category, since Amazon considers those when deciding where to place your book.

If you’re tracking a book that isn’t published through Pronoun, you’ll need to update your categories separately from our platform. You can select new categories in your personal publishing account, or work with your publisher to update your book’s metadata.


These recommendations aren’t right for my book.

Sometimes you might get category suggestions that aren’t right for your book, although we do our best to show similar categories with ideal visibility. Here’s how we decide which suggestions to send:

  1. We look at an Amazon category your book is in
  2. We look at the other books in that Amazon category
  3. If lots of books in your category are also in another category where your book would rank highly, we suggest it

Books in big Amazon categories are more likely to receive imperfect suggestions. For example, if your military romance novel is in Romance > Contemporary, you could get a suggestion for Literature & Fiction > Short Stories > Women’s Fiction, since many books are in both categories. Our automated tool simply suggests categories that seem likely to be similar based on the data.

If our recommendations still don’t seem right, we recommend reviewing your book’s current Amazon categories, which we use (along with other factors) to make suggestions. If your book is miscategorized on Amazon, this’ll impact the emails you receive from Pronoun.


If you want to stop receiving these updates, click Unsubscribe at the bottom of the email.