Choosing distribution channels on Pronoun


How do I choose distribution channels for a new book?

You can click the checkmarks in the last step of your book’s details to remove or add retailers and library distributors.


How do I add more distribution channels to a published book?

  1. Log in to Pronoun
  2. Click Edit Book
  3. Go to the last section of your book’s details (“Nice work!”)
  4. Click the distribution channels where you want to add your book
  5. Click Finalize

When you opt in to a retailer or to Bibliotheca, it’ll take a few days for your book to go live. When you opt in to OverDrive, it may take a couple weeks. Click here to see a full breakdown of processing times.

You can opt in (and out) of retailers and library distributors as many times as you like.


How do I opt-out of specific distribution channels?

Click here for instructions on removing books published on Pronoun from some or all distribution channels.

Why are you asking for my book’s Amazon URL?

Pronoun’s Author Agreement requires that all books published on Pronoun are distributed to Amazon, either through our platform or other means (such as your own KDP account).

You can opt out of distribution to Amazon through Pronoun by providing a link to your book’s Amazon product page.


Can I publish my book on distribution channels I de-selected on Pronoun?

Yes, you can publish your book on any retailers where it isn’t already live through Pronoun.