Creating your ebook on Pronoun

Follow these instructions before uploading your manuscript to ensure your converted book looks its best:

1. Save your manuscript as a .docx file.

In Microsoft Word, click File > Save As and select the Word document (.docx) file format. You can also use another word processor, like Google Docs or OpenOffice, to save your manuscript as a .docx file. See detailed instructions.

2. Insert a page break before every chapter title.

In Microsoft Word, click Insert > Break > Page Break to add a page break before each chapter/section title in your manuscript (e.g., “Prologue,” “Chapter One,” “About the Author”). See detailed instructions.

3. Apply the “Heading 1” style to every chapter title.

You can apply headings by accessing the Style menu of most word processors. In Microsoft Word, highlight your chapter or section title, go to the Styles panel, and click Heading 1. See detailed instructions.

Once these three steps are complete, you’re ready to upload your file!


Here's what you don't need to do:

  • Don’t include a cover image or title page. We’ll add those for you.
  • Don’t add a Table of Contents. We‘ll create one from the chapter titles in your manuscript.
  • Don’t worry about “styling” your manuscript. This includes changing fonts, adding page numbers, etc. Our professionally designed layouts will format your book‘s interior automatically. 


Please see our complete formatting guidelines for information about inserting images, adding scene/line breaksformatting block quotes/epigraphs, and more. 

You can upload and convert your manuscript as many times as you want, so feel free to experiment. If you get stuck, please see our conversion troubleshooting & FAQ.