Daily Sales Email

When you receive a Daily Sales email, it means you sold books the day before. Congratulations!

At the top of the email, we display an overview of the number of books you sold yesterday and their total revenue (dollar sales before retailer cuts).

Then, we break down those sales by individual book, showing:

  • Sales (total, before royalty rates are applied)
  • Copies sold
  • Copies sold on each retailer
  • Total copies sold, month to date
  • Total copies sold, lifetime

Each email shows up to three books (whichever ones sold the most copies), but you can always see all of yesterday’s sales by clicking See all your sales to go to your Pronoun catalog.

The totals at the bottom of the email apply to all books you currently have for sale, not just the three shown in the email itself.

If you want to stop receiving these updates, click Unsubscribe at the bottom of the email, or disable the “Sales Updates” option on your Pronoun account settings page under “Email Preferences.”