Guidelines for erotic content

Pronoun supports authors of erotic literature. As with all of our authors, we strive to give the best possible guidance in order to ensure that your book is approved by retailers and can be made available to readers.

So, to be responsive to our retail partners’ requirements, we’ve established content guidelines for erotic literature. Every book we publish must follow all of these guidelines, and failure to comply can result in your book being rejected or removed from sale from all retailers. In some cases, your account may be immediately suspended.

Please note that Pronoun doesn’t distribute erotica to libraries at this time.

Pronoun has sole discretion to enforce these guidelines, and they may change at any time. We’ve done our best to define these guidelines as clearly as possible. If you have any questions, please ask for clarification by emailing us at before publishing.

Guidelines for Erotic Books

  • Pronoun has a zero tolerance policy for erotica with characters under age 18. Any depiction or description of an underage character in a sexual situation, bearing witness to a sexual situation, or thinking about a sexual act is strictly forbidden. If you publish a book that violates this guideline, your account will be suspended indefinitely.
  • “Barely legal” erotica is prohibited if the characters have speech or mannerisms that imply they are younger than 18. In general, we discourage publishing any “barely legal” erotica on Pronoun, as it can be reviewed and removed from sale at any time.
  • All depictions of rape or any non-consensual sexual situations that are predominantly meant to arouse are prohibited. This includes rape roleplay and any description of reluctant characters in sexual situations.
  • Photographs and illustrations of nudity or persons involved in sex acts are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, any images depicting penetrative sex, oral/genital contact, or genitals. Books cannot contain any photographs or illustrations intended for the predominant purpose of sexual arousal.
  • Depictions of incest and pseudoincest are prohibited. Biological incest, bearing witness to a sexual situation involving a biological relative, or pseudoincest between step-parents and step-children are all prohibited.
  • Bestiality, snuff, scat, and necrophilia erotica are prohibited.
  • Any textual encouragement to commit a sexual crime is prohibited.
  • Books cannot contain links to any adult or pornographic websites.

Guidelines for Covers and Metadata

  • Cover images cannot contain graphic nudity or overexposed body parts or persons involved in sexual activity.
  • Book descriptions must clearly state that all characters are 18 or over.
  • Book descriptions cannot contain profanity or explicitly sexual excerpts.
  • Book descriptions cannot contain URLs for any adult or pornographic websites.
  • Authors must only choose fiction categories for erotic books, and the first selected category must be an erotica category. Authors may not choose Nonfiction, Children’s, New Adult, or Young Adult categories for erotica.

  • Authors must only choose General (Trade) audiences for erotic books. Authors may not choose Children's or Young Adult audiences for erotica.