Retailer Holiday Schedules, December 2016

Some retailers have holiday schedules that affect your ability to update titles and publish new ones:

  • Apple estimates that books submitted by December 12 will go live December 18-31. They estimate that books submitted by December 16 will go live January 1-8. 
  • Barnes & Noble will be closed through December 23-27 and December 30 - January 3. 
  • Kobo will be closed December 19-29.
  • Amazon and Google Play do not have holiday schedules.

For best results, we suggest publishing new books (or making any updates to your existing books) no later than December 12 if you want them to show up on all retailers before December 25.

Books submitted for preorders already or by December 12 will still go live on the provided release date.

Support emails received after December 23 will be answered around or after January 2.