How Pronoun displays sales


Tracking sales

To review your sales, go to Your Books and click Total Sales (or Sales Details next to an individual title). When you sell books, we also email you a summary of those sales the next day.

It usually takes retailers and library distributors a few days to report sales to Pronoun. Each retailer provides new data once a day, and we update Pronoun within 30 minutes of receiving those reports.


Sales estimates

The sales shown on Pronoun are estimates: retailers often don’t take returns, unprocessed orders, or unreported sales into account. As a result, your daily sales are subject to change and likely don’t reflect your exact earnings.

Because we want authors to get information on the general direction of their sales as quickly as possible, sometimes we display provisional estimates. These numbers are most commonly provided by Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and are changed whenever more accurate data becomes available.

Some sales might be delayed or attributed to days after they took place. Amazon reports sales with a lag time to let them “settle” (for the charge to process and the sale to be complete). If your book sold a copy on 1/1, for example, the sale would usually appear on 1/3 and be attributed to 1/2. If a sale takes more than two days to settle, you currently won’t see it in your sales estimates. We’re working to provide this information in the future.

Rest assured that these changes in your sales estimates have no impact on your actual earnings, which are audited by the various retailers and library distributors, and delivered to Pronoun at the end of each month. Authors are always paid off these final numbers.


Preorder sales

Preorder sales on Amazon US, iBooks, and Google are reported throughout the preorder period. B&N, Kobo, and international Amazon preorder sales are reported on or shortly after your release date.


Free book sales

For books priced at $0, we report free downloads in the “Copies Sold” section of your Sales Details and in our sales emails. Note that B&N and Kobo do not report free downloads to us. 


Library sales

Library sales are reported just like retailer sales. Note that OverDrive and Bibliotheca sales reflect library purchases of your book (not copies borrowed by readers, although we’re working to provide this data).


Country of sale

We display country of sale information in the cvs download and the table view of your sales details. (Click the list icon located in the top right corner of the sales chart to switch from graph to table view.)


Monthly earnings

Authors are always paid off the final sales numbers, which are delivered to Pronoun at the end of each month. These totals may differ slightly from the sales estimates displayed on Pronoun. When you receive earnings in PayPal, you’ll get an email with an attached report breaking down your audited sales.