How Pronoun pays authors

We pay authors via PayPal on a monthly schedule (60 days after each calendar month). We deposit January earnings in April, February earnings in May, etc.

Payments are sent on the first business day of the month along with earning reports that break down the gross sales and earnings of your books on each retailer.

To make sure you receive your earnings, please add the email address associated with your PayPal account to your Pronoun account settings. We don’t pay authors by any other means, so if you don’t have a free PayPal account yet, be sure to sign up for one.

Please note that there’s a 3% PayPal processing fee per payment, up to a maximum of $2 for US accounts and $20 for international accounts. This fee applies to your overall monthly earnings, not each individual book sale. For example, if you have a US account and earn $1,000 from book sales one month, PayPal takes $2 from that deposit.

If your earnings are $0 due to free book sales, we don’t send a PayPal deposit or earning report.