How to recommend your book to libraries

Did you know that libraries accept recommendations for titles to add to their catalog? Reach more readers by asking friends and family to recommend your book to their local library. Here’s an example of how that request might look:


[Subject: Can you recommend my book?]

Dear [Name],

Would you be willing to recommend my book, [Book Title], to your local library? This would really help me reach more readers and share my work with the world.

You can follow these steps to recommend my book via OverDrive:

  1. Search for your library on
  2. Click your library in the results
  3. Search for [Book Title]
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see recommendable books
  5. Click Recommend next to [Book Title]

You can also follow these steps to recommend my book via Bibliotheca cloudLibrary:

  1. Find and select your library on
  2. Search for [Book Title]
  3. Click Filters > Suggestions for library
  4. Click Suggest to Library next to [Book Title]

You may need to log in to your library account to submit the recommendation.

If your library doesn’t offer an online recommendation feature, you can ask a library staff member about how to suggest a new book. Thanks for your help!


[Your Name]


Although submitting a recommendation doesn’t guarantee that the library will buy your book, active reader interest is great encouragement.

Note that some libraries limit the number of recommendations you can send within a certain timeframe. If you reach the limit, you can try again after a few days.