How to share review copies of your book


Pronoun makes it easy to send out free copies of your book after publishing. Just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Pronoun
  2. Scroll to your book
  3. Click View Sales and More
  4. Click Send Review Copies

This’ll launch an email draft allowing the recipient to download your epub and mobi files for free.

A blank page comes up when I click Send Review Copies.

If you’re not directed to an email draft, the issue might be that there’s no default email client set up on your browser. We suggest following these instructions to set Gmail, Outlook, or another program as your browser’s default email client. You can also try using a different browser.


You can send out free copies of your book before publishing. One option is to share your author proof, which includes a “Proof for Review” page and is great for advance reading copies:

  1. Go to the book upload step of your book
  2. Right-click the ePub and Kindle download links
  3. Select Copy Link Address


Another option is to send out your final files (which don’t include a “Proof for Review” page):

  1. Log in to Pronoun
  2. Click Edit & Publish next to your book
  3. Click Finalize, then click Let’s go!
  4. Right-click the ePub and Kindle download links
  5. Select Copy Link Address


Anyone you share these links with can download a free copy of your book. You can also download your ebook files and attach them to an email.

We recommend sending recipients these instructions to open your book on their computer, phone, tablet, or reading device.