Introduction to formatting

Why does my manuscript need to be formatted?

When you open an ebook on an ereader, you probably expect it to look a certain way: even margins, neatly spaced text, chapters that start on new pages with clear titles, and more.

All of the above is a result of proper formatting—the process of converting a word processor file into a beautifully readable book.

In addition to making your book look professional, formatting is essential to your sales. If you want to sell your book at a variety of retailers, to an international audience, it must be formatted to industry standards. That’s why it’s not enough for a manuscript to simply look good as a Word document—that manuscript must be converted into ebook files that look good on an ereader.

Pronoun’s publishing platform allows authors to create beautiful ebooks formatted to industry standards with the click of a button—all for free. Your book will include professionally designed chapter titles and scene breaks, a hyperlinked Table of Contents, specially styled block quotes, and more.

To get started, please format your manuscript to our simple formatting guidelines.



How do I format my manuscript?

Authors format their manuscripts to our guidelines using a word processor. Microsoft Word is the baseline software we used to design our conversion technology, and our platform accepts .docx files, so we recommend using Microsoft Word to format manuscripts.

However, a .docx file is a .docx file regardless of where you create or save it, so it's perfectly fine to use a different word processor.

If you're using something other than Microsoft Word (e.g., Google Docs, Open Office, Pages) and you encounter trouble, please contact and let us know which software you used.


How can I expect my book to look?

When converting your manuscript, youll choose one of our professionally-designed layouts. Each layout is different, with unique headers, scene breaks, and more, and its simply a matter of personal preference which one is right for your book.

Also, please note that Pronoun creates reflowable books, which are ebooks that adjust to different reader settings. Unlike fixed layout ebooks, reflowable ebooks appear differently across screens and devices. Readers have the freedom to change font size and style, page margins, spacing, and more. 

The reflowable format is best suited for text-based books like novels, memoirs, and other nonfiction. We do support in-text images, however, if youre creating a design- or image-heavy book, like a graphic novel, photo book, or picture book, Pronoun’s conversion process may not be the best fit.

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