Preorder on Pronoun


How do I publish a preorder book?

Pronoun supports preorders on all retailers and library distributors: Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, OverDrive, and Bibliotheca.

If you set a release date for your book, it will become available for preorder on your selected distribution channels after you click Publish. The preorder period will end on your release date, and your book will become available for download.

To make your book available for preorder, choose the Accept preorders for my book until option on the “Set your book’s release date” page. Then select the date you’d like your book to become available for download. 

To release your book right away, select Release my book immediately when I publish instead.


How long can I make the preorder period?

You can choose a release date anywhere from four days to a year in advance. Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Google Play all support preorders up to a year long.

OverDrive and Bibliotheca only support preorders up to six months long, so you must de-select those distribution channels to choose a release date more than half a year away. You can establish retailer preorders first and then add library preorders at the six month mark.


What files do I need to publish a preorder book?

Authors need to fill out every section of their book before publishing the preorder. However, your files don’t need to be final: you can edit your ebook files, cover image, description, etc. throughout the preorder period. This means you could upload a complete draft of your book, for example, and swap in the final version before your release date.

We can’t distribute placeholder images or text, so be sure to avoid:

  • Disclaimers like “this is not the final book” or “cover coming soon”
  • Clearly temporary text like “[insert ending here]”
  • Missing chapters (like if Chapter 12 is followed by Chapter 14)
  • Ebook files containing a different book
  • Ebook files that don’t match the provided title, description, etc.


Can I edit a preorder book?

You can edit your book whenever you like, including during the preorder period. Just log in, click Edit Book next to your title, make your desired changes, and click Publish. We suggest submitting final changes at least a couple days before your release date.

You can change your release date to anywhere from four days to a year in advance. However, we recommend trying to avoid this, since moving the release date doesn’t make for a great reader experience.

If you raise your price, please note that customers on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and Google will still be charged the lower price. Apple will contact customers who previously preordered your book and ask if they’re willing to pay the higher price. 


Can I price a preorder book at $0?

Apple doesn’t support $0 preorder titles. If Apple is one of your selected distribution channels, your free book will be added to iBooks on its release date (or earlier if the preorder price changes).

Free preorder books will be priced at $0.99 on OverDrive and Bibliotheca, which don’t support $0 books.