Pronoun Shutdown FAQ

On November 6, Macmillan Publishers announced that Pronoun is shutting down.

What will happen to my books?

New unpublished books: Starting November 6, 2017, no new books may be submitted to Pronoun for distribution on the Pronoun platform.

Existing published books: You can remove your books from sale at any time. If you choose not to remove your books, all books currently up for sale will remain up for sale while Pronoun winds down its distribution. Pronoun plans to remove all books from sale on all sales channels on Jan. 15, 2018. You will continue to be able to make changes to these books until then. (Note: some retailers have holiday schedules that may delay your updates.)

What will happen to my earnings?

We will continue to pay earnings on our normal schedule, and earnings from Jan. 2018 will be paid on April 1, 2018 or before.

How do I export my files?

Go to the Your Books section of Pronoun and click ‘Migrate off of Pronoun’.

On the next screen, you can:

  • Click ‘Email me my assets’ and we will email you a link that allows you to download all of your ebook files, covers, and metadata.
  • Click ‘Remove books from sale’ which will remove all of your published books from all retailers and library distributors.

What will happen to my reviews, ratings, rankings, and URLs?

See this article for details on what will happen with ratings, reviews, rankings, and URLs. If you choose to bring your book to a different publishing service, they may be able to help you with migrating.

If you are republishing your book on Amazon through KDP, see this article for instructions on preserving your existing reviews and sales rank.

What will happen to my Pronoun-issued ISBN?

If your book is published with a Pronoun-issued ISBN, you will need a new ISBN to republish it.

What will happen to my preorders?

If your book is released before Jan 15, 2018, any preorder sales will be included in your earnings from the month of the release date as they normally would.

If your book was scheduled to be released on or after Jan 15, 2018, then your preorders will be cancelled by the retailers when the book is removed from sale. To help address this loss, if you remove your preorder book from sale between Nov 6, 2017 and Nov 30, 2017, then Macmillan will pay out the book's preorder sales as we've collected them up until that point.

We are only able to collect preorder sales from Amazon US, Apple, and Google and so therefore will only include these retailers' preorder sales (if any) as part of your December 2017 earnings payment.

Preorder books with a release date of Jan 15, 2018 or later that are not removed from sale between Nov 6, 2017 and Nov 30, 2017 will forfeit all preorder sales.

Once a book is removed from sale it can no longer be re-distributed with Pronoun.

I published my book on Pronoun before Jan 2017 and have been receiving earnings under Pronoun’s old royalty terms. When will I receive my adjustment based on the new terms?

This one-time adjustment will be paid with your final payment from Pronoun, which we expect to send on or before April 1, 2018.

What will happen to my author pages?

Author pages will remain live until after the last books are removed from distribution, on or after Jan. 15, 2018.