2. Remove front matter

When you publish on Pronoun, we’ll collect your author name, title, and other information and use it to automatically create your books front matter during conversion, so please remove the following from your .docx file:

  • Cover image page
  • Title page
  • Copyright page (optional)
  • Table of Contents

As a result, your manuscript will most likely start with your first chapter or a dedication page. (If you have a dedication or epigrah, see Step 6 to format it as a block quote.)

If you prefer to use your own copyright page, leave it in your manuscript and de-select the “Include a copyright page” option after uploading your .docx file on Pronoun.

Here’s an example of how the Pronoun-created title and copyright pages in your book might look (using the layout Didion):

Or using the layout Lamott:


Here's how the Pronoun-created Table of Contents in your book might look (using the layouts Shelley and Austen):


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