Set a custom publisher

By default, books distributed through Pronoun will have Pronoun listed in the publisher field. (Note that this does not affect the rights/ownership of your book, which you retain.) If you’d like, you can customize this field with your name or the name of your imprint by clicking Set Custom Publisher in the section titled Assign an ISBN to your book.


Publisher name guidelines

You may enter your name or the name of your imprint in the publisher field. 

The following publisher names are prohibited:

  • References to another publishing company that is not yours, including any that previously published the book (e.g. St. Martin’s Press)
  • References to Amazon or Amazon-affiliated companies (e.g. CreateSpace)
  • References to other retailers, publishing platforms, and aggregators (e.g. “Smashwords or Kobo Writing Life)
  • Websites or domain names (e.g.