Set your book’s price


How do I use Pronoun to price my book?

Pronoun tracks more than 6 million books in thousands of categories, and authors can use that data to select their book’s price with confidence. By seeing how bestsellers in your categories are priced, you can determine a price point that meets reader expectations and makes sense for your book.

Here’s how to find the right price range for your book:

  1. Go to the publishing step called “Set your book’s price” 
  2. Click the search bar that says “Search categories”
  3. Click one of your categories, or type a keyword to search categories and click one youd like to see prices for

We’ll display a graph that breaks down the percentage of books (and bestsellers) at each price point for that category. The taller the bar, the more books currently listed at that price.

We generally recommend choosing a price that’s consistent with indie bestsellers in your book’s categories—after all, popular prices indicate what readers are used to paying. However, it’s up to you to decide how to set your price. For example, if you want to compete on price, try to price lower than the most common prices in your category. Or, consider pricing a bit higher if you want to show value. 

See the current pricing landscapes of different categories.


Can I offer my book for free?

Yes! You can price your book at $0.00 across all retailers whenever you want, for as long as you want. Just click the switch to select “Make it Free.”


How do I set prices for international territories?

You have the option to customize your book’s list price on international stores by clicking Set Territory Prices. Click the check marks to select and deselect currencies, then type in your custom price. We display price estimates based on the current exchange rate for guidance.

After you enter a price, we’ll automatically round it up to the nearest valid price in that currency if needed. For example, CAD prices must end in .99 and JPY prices can’t be lower than 100.

These prices will be sent to all of your book’s applicable retailers. If you skip this section or leave any currencies blank, retailers will just automatically convert your USD list price to the appropriate currency. (Note: International retailers have the ability to discount books and might show a different price than the one you set on Pronoun.)

We currently support the following currencies: US dollar (USD), Canadian dollar (CAD), British pound (GBP), euro (EUR), Australian dollar (AUD), Japanese yen (JPY), Mexican peso (MXN), and Indian rupee (INR).

A note about Bookbub pricing for GBP: If your Bookbub has an advertised £0.99 price point, we don’t suggest setting a £0.99 GBP price on Pronoun; it’ll become roughly £1.19 after VAT is applied on UK retailers. If you leave the GBP field blank, a $0.99 USD list price will convert to roughly £0.95 on UK retailers with VAT.


How do I set a library price?

You have the option to customize your book’s price on OverDrive and Bibliotheca by clicking Set a Library Price. This sets the price libraries must pay to make a copy of your book available to borrow.

If you leave the library price blank, we’ll use your list price (or default to the minimum price of $0.99 for free books).


Can I change my price after publishing?

Yes! You can raise or lower your list price, or offer your book for free, whenever you like. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to Pronoun and click Edit Book
  2. Go to the pricing section and edit your price
  3. Click Finalize to publish the changes

It’ll take retailers a day to process and reflect the updated price.


How much will I make from each sale?

The amount of money you receive for your book sales depends on the country of sale and the list price you set (click here to see a full breakdown of Pronoun’s royalty rates). After you fill out a price for your book, we’ll display an estimate of how much you’d earn from a sale at that price point.