Set your book’s price

How do I determine my book’s price?

Pronoun tracks more than 6 million books in thousands of categories, and authors can use that data to select their book’s price with confidence. By seeing how bestsellers in your categories are priced, you can determine a price point that meets reader expectations and makes sense for your book.

Here’s how to find the right price range for your book:

  1. In the publishing step called “Set your book’s price,” click the search bar that says “Search categories.”
  2. Click one of your categories. Or, type a keyword to search categories, and click one youd like to see prices for.
  3. We’ll display a graph that breaks down the percentage of books (and bestsellers) at each price point for that category. The taller the bar, the more books currently listed at that price.
  4. We generally recommend choosing a price that’s consistent with indie bestsellers in your book’s categories—after all, popular prices indicate what readers are used to paying. However, it’s up to you to decide how to set your price. For example, if you want to compete on price, try to price lower than the most common prices in your category. Or, consider pricing a bit higher if you want to show value. 

See the current pricing landscapes of different categories.

How much will I make from each sale?

The amount of money you receive for your book sales depends on the country of sale and the list price you set (click here to see a full breakdown of Pronoun’s distribution rates). After you fill out a price for your book, we’ll display an estimate of how much you’d earn from a sale at that price point.

Your earnings after retailer fees