The right way to announce your book on social media

Fact: Tweets with images receive 35% more RTs, and Facebook posts with images get 39% more engagement. When you announce your book to the world, be sure to include an image with your cover and a short one-sentence summary, blurb, or tagline.

Here’s how to construct the perfect post:

  1. Create your images on Canva using the Twitter and Facebook Post templates.

  2. Include a reader-friendly hashtag relevant to your book (e.g. #RomanceReads or #SteamPunk).

  3. Include a link to your primary retailer (for most authors, it’s Amazon), using a service like bitly to shorten the link.

Announce your book! For inspiration, check out these announcements from Bella Andre, Cristin Harber, and Debra Burroughs.