Upload and convert your book


What file formats does Pronoun accept?

Pronoun accepts .docx, .epub, and .mobi files.

If you don’t have ebook files yet, you can use Pronoun to create them. Our platform converts .docx files into .epub and .mobi files, the ebook formats accepted by the major retailers. Once you have a Word document formatted to our guidelines, you can create your book in minutes.

We recommend using a desktop version of Microsoft Word to format your manuscript, but you can use a different word processor, like Google Docs or OpenOffice—just be sure to save or export your manuscript as a .docx file.

You can also publish your own reflowable ebook files on Pronoun. If you upload an .epub file, we’ll run checks to make sure it meets retailer requirements. You can also provide a .mobi file, or we can create a mobi file for you using your uploaded .epub file.

If your epub fails any checks, you can use this validator to evaluate your file. 


What are Pronoun’s book guidelines?

We welcome all genres.
Authors can use Pronoun to publish fiction, nonfiction, short stories, poetry, and more. Due to retailer restrictions, we aren’t able to publish public domain titles, game guides, coloring books, or fan fiction at this time.

Erotica and romance with adult content is welcome on Pronoun, but we can’t publish books that retailers like Amazon and iBooks wouldn’t accept. Rape, pedophilia, incest, non-biological incest (including stepparent/stepchild romance), bestiality, and pornographic images are examples of content retailers find objectionable. Erotic romance must be consensual and involve characters stated to be 18 and older. See our full guidelines for erotic content.

Our minimum word count is 2,000 words.
Or at least 10 images.

We create and publish reflowable books.
Reflowable books have dynamic layouts that adjust to different screens and reader settings. They’re best suited for text-based manuscripts, so our services may not be a good fit for books with heavy imagery and design elements (e.g., children’s picture books, photo books, graphic novels). Learn more about reflowable books.

We dont support fixed-layout, audio/video-enhanced, interactive, or graphics-heavy books (like comics) at this time. 

We can only publish complete books.
We can’t distribute placeholder images or text, so please provide a complete book when publishing preorders. You can update your ebook files, cover, description, etc. as often as you like before your release date. Learn more about preorders on Pronoun.

We currently only support books written in English.
We’re working on supporting additional languages soon!


How do I open my ebook files?

After converting your manuscript, follow these instructions to open your ebook files on your PC, Mac, iOS device, Kindle, Nook, and/or Android.


Can I keep my ebook files if I don’t publish through Pronoun?

Youre welcome to convert your manuscript to ebook files without distributing through Pronoun. After converting a manuscript, the .epub and .mobi files are yours to keep, regardless of whether or how you distribute them.