Using milestones

The blue and red dots beneath your sales graph are milestones. Milestones mark important events in your book’s life, and they’re designed to help you put your sales into context.

We automatically add red milestones for certain landmarks, like when you sell the first copy of your book or get your 10th Amazon review. To add (or remove) your own blue milestones, click the black “+” on the left side of your sales graph. 

We recommend using milestones to record your book updates and marketing efforts. For example, if you adjust your book’s price or send out a newsletter, mark it on your sales graph with a milestone.

Then if you notice a sales spike after changing your categories, or a cluster of sales the day after a blogger reviewed your book, you’ll better understand how those strategies worked.

Even small changes can impact your sales, so experiment with your book’s metadata (keywords, categories, price, description, etc.) and keep an eye on any results. If something seems to drive sales, keep doing it!